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Elizabeth always had a huge passion for health and personal development, but it took years of dealing with migraines, painful digestive issues, and intense stress and anxiety before she started to deepen her understanding of the body and mind connection.  These ongoing and disruptive symptoms pushed her to recognize the damaging effect that a limiting mindset and sub-optimal diet and lifestyle had on her overall health.  She retrained her mind, overhauled her diet, and adopted a bunch of other health-supporting habits that transformed not only her physical well-being but also her sense of self-worth and connection to purpose in this world. Elizabeth left her 15-year corporate career to pursue her purpose of empowering people to make lasting changes that can liberate them from the status quo and live on their own terms. What does it mean to live on your terms?  It means you set the tone and pace of each day and live with sustained passion, energy, and vitality, in alignment with your purpose. In short, it’s about having the freedom to live as and be your best self. Change is a process that takes time and looks different for everyone.  What change would make the most meaningful impact on your life and bring you closer to the person you want to be? Let's explore this together.

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Functional Health & Business

From corporate executive to executive coach. While Abby England has earned respected professional achievements, those didn’t come without a price. She spent years aggressively pursuing professional success while unknowingly sacrificing her own self-care. Promotions and accomplishments were prioritized over healthy eating habits, sufficient sleep, adequate exercise, and mental health breathers. In her 15 year professional career in corporate America, she climbed the ranks quickly but after years of taking her health for granted, her body finally screamed back that it couldn’t go on like this. Mentally drained, emotionally exhausted, and physically wore out, several health challenges manifested themselves. After years of working with different practitioners and not seeing the results she’d like, she added a health coach to her wellness team and experienced the power of coaching to support her physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Better health means a better you. Change is hard, but coaching is powerful. From her experience as a “coachee” Abby believed so much in coaching that she became a certified ADAPT health coach through the prestigious Kresser Institute. Clients working with Abby typically find increased confidence and decreased overwhelm by breaking down their big, audacious goals into bite-sized actionable steps. Personal and professional changes seem more realistic and sustainable over the long term. Inevitable challenges aren’t total derailers because contingency plans are built and momentum is maintained even during setbacks. ​In the “business of you” one’s physical and mental health is an asset with the best return-on-investment. If you’re ready to experience the power of coaching, then let’s get started!





Functional Health, Business

Kelly combines executive leadership with an in-depth knowledge of coaching and functional health to support those looking to transform their goals and ambitions into long-term, sustainable strategies. She emphasizes effective, empathic communication to support team members seeking balance within organizations experiencing significant change and growth.


For over 20 years, Kelly successfully led teams within corporate retail. It became clear that those who were thriving kept health and wellness as the cornerstone of their resiliency and long-term success.  Eventually, Kelly saw her peers’ vibrancy decline due to heavy workloads and competing priorities;  she also struggled to maintain her own well-being. Finding the skill set to foster a demanding career alongside other important parts of life became her primary focus.  


With some space and reflection, Kelly sought out coaching to help carve out her next, more balanced life chapter. Motivated by the changes she experienced, Kelly got her Functional Health Coach certification, believing this would allow her to provide the most positive impact to organizations and individuals. 


A coach doesn’t tell someone the changes to make.  Instead, they hold space to learn and offer reflections for someone to connect to their own intuition.  Kelly looks forward to working with anyone seeking change, offering support so they can harness their strengths and values to prioritize a vision for their best selves.

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Certified Professional Coach 

David's coaching passion stems from a love for helping people and seeing them grow and thrive. Practicing holistic coaching, he coaches the body, mind, and spirit together for optimal insight and results. David attempts to meld many different modalities into his sessions, ranging from evidenced-based to the esoteric, and his techniques span traditional coaching to movement to energy. His training in exercise, movement and rehab methods blends well with somatic coaching techniques, just as somatic coaching enhances his ability to inquire and help clients reach positive results in traditional coaching sessions.

Having worked in technology in Silicon Valley for nearly two decades, David’s broad experience base offers a unique and useful perspective to his corporate clients.  He has worked in startups to large corporations, including one that was a startup and saw it go public. David has also held many positions from individual contributor to Vice President and has experienced the viewpoints of the workplace from many angles. He has also invested in many companies at an early stage and advised as well as served on their corporate boards.

David loves working with clients to optimize fulfillment in one or across as many dimensions as a client desires. In considering the totality of our lives, David acknowledges that personal life and the workplace are intertwined, as is our lives are bound between ourselves and others around us.  He enjoys helping clients in all aspects of their lives, creating awareness and understanding of root causes, determining capacity and willingness to change, and then helping them derive the path that is right for them, in the timing and method of their choosing. After breaking down barriers to moving forward, David works with clients to determine their passions and helps them design a life going forward that brings them joy and energy.

David believes in endless possibilities and creating resilience and hope in all of our quests in life.

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Certified Professional Transformational Coach

Georgia is a transformational life and self-leadership coach specialising in burnout prevention, happiness and empowerment. She helps professionals, business owners and executives who are chronically stressed and nearing burnout develop healthy habits and self-leadership skills so they can live a more conscious, courageous and inspired life. 

Her unique coaching style focuses on the identification and transformation of limiting beliefs that drive anxiety and block positive change. She works with her clients to rethink the way they eat, sleep, move and relate to themselves in order to optimizing wellbeing and better manage stress.  

Georgia’s coaching is informed by her training in Functional Health and Internal Family Systems and she draws extensively on her own personal experience of burnout.  


She is also a yoga and meditation teacher and runs retreats and workshops on the body/ mind connection to raise awareness of how chronic stress can cause physical and mental illness.

Prior to becoming a coach Georgia was a corporate lawyer and latterly a partner in a VC fund. She lives with her husband and 18-month-old daughter in London, UK



Professional Certified Coach

Carrie grew up in a small town in mid-western America and followed the steps to the “American dream.” Sports, college, career, career advancement; but something was missing for her... There was no sense of wellbeing as a whole, not the way her grandparents had it, nor the way her soul and body were craving it. 


As she was pursuing “the dream” her curiosity pulled her to explore more on this ancestral way of living. What if our grandparents had it right? What if time in nature, movement of the body, nourishment with homegrown foods, a strong faith, unbreakable family ties, and limited technology use would unlock a potential we didn’t even know we had? In time, she found that through a Functional Medicine approach, these truths were affirmed. 

Her grandparents had it right. Carrie started applying these principles to her own life, her leadership, her career in higher education, marketing, and her coaching. Now, her passion is the intersection of wellness and professional contribution. She believes that when we have an intimate understanding of our minds and bodies, we are more resilient, more productive, more compassionate, more empathetic, more joyful and better leaders in our organizations and homes. She wants that for you, just like she wanted it for herself. She wants it for every organization. To have leaders that embody these practices and make the culture stronger together. She wants it for our world, one intentional step at a time.


Carrie helps clients find a synergy amongst wellness practices and align their life with their values so they can journey well toward their personal long-term vision.



Alignment Coach

As a former HR professional with a master’s degree in her hand, Judit saw a stable and promising career ahead of her working for city and federal governments. Through several years of working with executive leaders and officials, she understands the burden of responsibility, the weight of decision making, meeting deadlines, the hardship of people management, the struggle and constant effort to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In this role, Judit saw the same path laid out in front of her but having her first child was a game changer for her. After years of hard work in an entirely new capacity as a mother and some realignment that followed, she found purpose and meaning in serving people on a different level.


She now combines and practices her two passions – human development and health. She strongly believes that excelling at work does not have to come at a cost. Work-life harmony IS possible once you awaken to your own truths, find the right strategies that work for you and when you make gradual shifts towards the life you want for yourself. 

Judit continues to strive for creating a positive impact on people’s life but in a much more diverse and complex way by using ancestral health principles, behavior science, Positive Psychology, and Internal Family Systems practices. Her own frustration with conventional medicine that failed to provide answers to her children’s health struggles led her to countless research on Functional Medicine and the desire to change the life of others, for the better.  She is fascinated with the capacity of what the human mind, body and spirit is capable of, and knows from personal experience that if these three are aligned and work in harmony, thriving is inevitable. For her, coaching is about creating that harmony, no matter in which area of your life you feel you are out of balance. Her coaching fosters the profound Aha! moments where you suddenly see what you haven’t seen before. The fuel for creating lasting shifts - when barriers become opportunities.

Coming from a four-generation family and having lived and worked on two different continents and in four different countries (Hungary, Germany, Canada, and the US), Judit has a unique and diverse view of the world and life in general. Currently, she resides in California and lives with her husband, two children and a rescue puppy. Performing occasionally within her community, Judit is also a singing enthusiast!

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