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Co-Founder, Executive Coach, Mediator

Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Specialization in Mediation / Third-Party Intervention - CCR, Associate Certificate in Conflict Coaching ACCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach  CPCC, Certified Scrum Master CSM

Samantha Denning

Samantha believes that the quality of our interactions and relationships dictates the quality of our lives, and this is the foundation of her passion and life's work: helping people improve the quality of their lives and building more productive and connected relationships. 


As a professional coach, mediator, and facilitator, Samantha provides customized support and solutions to a wide range of diverse and influential individuals and teams, to successfully navigate complex challenges and circumstances (both personal & professional), while increasing their capacity to lead with greater impact and influence. 


Clients count on her as a trusted resource to gain the tools and strategies needed to embrace the inevitable conflicts presented by work and life.  These tools also assist in engaging in difficult conversations more effectively and creating filters for making important decisions. 


Her expansive skillset and expertise have allowed her to work within many industries to create positive and sustainable outcomes that accelerate growth and success.  “You can count on me to support you and always bring a positive attitude and a fresh perspective to any situation.


"I believe everything is workable and with the right people by your side, you can adapt quickly, thrive in changing environments, and accelerate your capacity to lead with greater impact.”  


Giving back and creating impact are hallmarks for her life and as such, she has established global philanthropic initiatives with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Special Olympics, and the Peace Corps. 


Samantha encourages people to: “Be Kind and Stay Curious.”  

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